Your AI Translation Assistant for Chinese-French

slAItor translates from Chinese to French and from French to Chinese.
But slAItor is not only a translation system, it can also:

  • Check the accuracy of your own translations, detect your translations, and suggest improvements
  • Propose translation alternatives
  • Restyle the translation to make them more or less formal
  • Explain the Chinese-French translation

The #1 AI Translation Assistant

Forget about your regular translation system. slAItor goes beyond the basics to revolutionize your translation experience.

slAItor Your regular translation system
Step-by-step translation
Explain the translation
5 translation alternatives
Custom translation styles
Check your translation
Simple translation

slAItor supports 28 language pairs

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Powered by AI

slAItor combines recent advances in AI (GPT) with more standard machine translation techniques. A new kind of system that does much more than just translating.


slAItor can explain a translation step-by-step and with details. You can use this unique functionality to learn or improve your understanding of a language.

Spot and explain errors

Thanks to the checker mode, you can provide your own translations to slAItor: It will spot, explain, and correct the errors.

Translation alternatives

slAItor's paraphraser and style calibrator are powerful tools that can adapt the translations to numerous contexts.

AI + translation technologies = slAItor

We combined the recent advances in AI and large language models with state-of-the-art translation technologies.

  • slAItor prepares your query to make it easy to process by the AI engine. It includes some normalization, tokenization, and splitting of your text. Then, everything is packed into a "prompt" to be sent to the AI engine. This step relies on several open source projects such as preprocess, sacremoses, and Pytorch.

  • For now, slAItor mainly exploits models from the GPT family by OpenAI. We keep exploring alternatives, including the development of our own model. For more information about these technologies, you can read my blog posts about translating with ChatGPT and translating with GPT-3.

  • This step checks and formats the answer. We use again several open source projects.

  • We continuously monitor slAItor's performance using in-house evaluation datasets as well as public benchmarks. We rely on a state-of-the-art automatic evaluation metric, COMET, and human evaluators.

More Features

slAItor integrates many features to make it easy to use on most devices.

Switch to checker mode

slAItor has a checker mode that transforms the interface to allow you to enter your own translation and then suggests you corrections and improvements.

Stop and regenerate

The response generation by slAItor can take some time to complete, especially in the step-by-step mode or if you request translation alternatives. It can be interrupted at anytime, for instance if you made an error in your text to translate. Then just click on "translate" again to take your correction into account.

Fully responsive user interface

You can use slAItor on any devices: your phone, tablet, computer, ... The inferface adapts to the size of your screen.

Easy copy

Just click on the copy button to copy slAItor's response in your clipboard. Then paste it anywhere you want: email, Twitter, Facebook, ...

Translation history
(coming soon)

You can save in your account as many translations as you would like. slAItor's interface helps you to search and edit your translation memory.

Import/export documents
(coming soon)

slAItor can translate docs, spreadsheets, TXT, and TMX files. It will give you an estimation of the cost before the translation. You can also export in the same file formats your translations and download them.


You can cancel your subscription anytime.


  • 800 credits/month, enough to translate hundred of thousands of words
  • (or 10,000 credits/year for a yearly subscription)
  • All Languages unlocked
  • Step-by-step mode
  • Translation paraphrases
  • All Translation styles
  • Checker mode
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Early-access to new features, languages, and styles
No more seats available!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • "credit" is the unit slAItor uses to simplify the evaluation of the translation cost.

    The cost in credits is automatically computed given the length of your text and the options you selected. This costs is indicated just below the text area where you enter your text.

    Translating 1,000 characters costs 1 credits. This costs is tripled to 3 credits for the step-by-step translations and in the checker mode. The minimum cost of a query is 0.1 credit.

    For example, with our subscription, you can translate up to 800,000 characters a month.

    Credits are automatically debited from your account as soon as you press "translate" (or "Check" in the checker mode). If you stop the translation before it finishes, credits won't be refunded.

    If you need more credits, in a near future we will propose packs of credits that you can buy separately at anytime.

  • We can tell you that it is a mix between standard machine translation technologies and state-of-the-art large language models from the GPT family.

    The use of a large language model at the core of slAItor is the main reason why our costs are lower than other online translation systems.

  • Benjamin holds a Ph.D in machine translation. He has 10+ years experience in machine translation research and development.

    Google scholar blog

  • Yes. We will maintain slAItor at the state of the art.

    Major upgrades will be deployed at no additional cost.

  • Yes. We are working very hard to support around 50 languages by the end of 2023.

  • No. When using slAItor you may not notice it, especially when translating into English, but our internal evaluation shows that the translation quality is slightly worse than well-established translation systems.

    On the other hand, slAItor is cheaper and proposes several features that other online systems don't have.

  • No. Words generated by slAItor will appear chunk by chunk. Our current estimation is that it may take up to 1 second per 20 words.

    We are working on a more realistic demo.

  • No. We don't use your data to develop or improve slAItor and its models.

    This may change in the future. If that changes and if you are already a customer, you will have the possibility to opt-in.

    All your interactions with slAItor are saved for 30 days. This is only for better answering your potential reclamations. If you would like to remove your data from our server, contact us.

  • Yes. This is non-reversible. All your data are immediately deleted.

  • Yes. We grant you an unlimited license that doesn't expire and grant you the full property of slAItor outputs, including for a commercial use.

  • Yes. We answer your questions as fast as we can.

  • If you want a refund, contact us. We will refund you without any questions if less than 14 days has passed since your last billing for monthly plan or 1 month for yearly plan.
    We refund also according to the credits you have already used. Contact us for more details.